The West Kirby Bookshop shop front.
We strive to ensure that as many people can access the shop as possible.
Below are some elements for accessibility provided to make sure
your visit is as pleasant and successful as possible.

Wheelchair Access
There is a small step up to the shop which may hinder smooth access onto the shop floor. We have tried to install several ramps but unfortunately the shape of the doorway has prevented us from installing a usable one. Our staff are happy to help navigate the doorway if required.

All events at the West Kirby Bookshop are seated, but latecomers may be required to stand (although this is an unusual situation). To avoid this, please let us know in advance if you need a chair or arrive early to ensure you get access to one.

Toilet Access
Our staff toilet can be used by customers on request, although the toilet space is relatively narrow (roughly 780mm wide).

Any questions?
Please contact us here
and we'll get back to you ASAP!